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The Bruderheim Riding Association or B.R.A is a locally run riders club that’s membership is open to local and legal operators of all-terrain & off road vehicles.

The B.R.A was initially created to protect the Bruderheim natural area as it was rapidly becoming polluted and over-populated. Instead of the area being shut down for good (which was proposed), it was later named a provincial park which the club is proud to protect while responsibly enjoying its beauty.

The creators of the Bruderheim Riders Association wanted riders to be educated on the pack-in/pack-out mentality needed to preserve the land’s beauty for multiple generations to enjoy. One of the creator’s family has been riding the area for 4 generations already and is passionate about making it available for many more to come.

Working in co-operation with both Fish & Wildlife as well as the R.C.M.P.; the B.R.A knows the importance of keeping the area not only safe, but clean. The association has removed several tons of garbage from the river banks to date.

All-in-all, the riders club seeks to get together with local riders to enjoy and protect the great outdoors in a safe and exciting manner.

Interested in becoming a B.R.A Member?

We're family orientated, and all about keeping the trails safe and clean, while enjoying rides with great people. The B.R.A needs members to help look after and keep the area clean, also reporting any dumping or illegal activity. Without the B.R.A to look after this natural area, people disrespect the land by using it as their own personal dumping grounds. In order to keep the land safe for everyone, the B.R.A is there to help.

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Here's an update of some of the rules and regulations in Bruderheim Sandhills Natural Area : this area is no longer Crown Land; it was changed to a provincial park a couple years ago. The area is for OHVs and non-motorized transportation; on-road vehicles are only permitted to travel to the staging areas for unloading and loading, no overnight camping, no alcohol, and no fires no matter what! The BRA site is on private property; we allow PAID members to camp and have fires as long as there is no fire ban in place. To eliminate confusion, we will no longer allow on-road vehicles on the BRA property except to get to the laydown or your campsite. We are stewards for the natural area, and will report any suspicious or illegal activities to the proper authorities! Also, as hunting is allowed on park property with the proper permits; target shooting is prohibited; we do not allow ANY shooting on BRA land what so ever... Members not respecting these rules may be ejected from the group without warning... Anyone wishing to become a member MUST ride an OHV, many people have asked for a membership just to get a cheap campsite and a place to party; this is not what we are about.